Avoid Sounding Arrogant in Your Admission Essay

One mistake that can easily be committed when writing the admission essay is to come off to the reader as arrogant, boastful, or insensitive. Whether intentional or unintentional, arrogant or insensitive admission essays are red flags to admissions committees. For this reason, it’s extremely important that you take careful consideration when writing your essay, so […]

Going Global: The Northwestern University Kellogg MBA Program

The Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management was founded in 1908, and was originally aimed to provide part-time evening MBA programs to educate business leaders and instill in them the good moral character that a lot of tycoons and entrepreneurs lack. Ranked by BusinessWeek, fast mba essay writing service and U.S. News & World Report […]

Getting the Most Out of MBA Essay Samples

Your MBA essay is one of the most important requirements for MBA application. This is why you have to exert much effort into writing an essay that would make the admissions committee remember you. Jobs and Scholarships shares some important points that could help you write an MBA essay that will let you steal a […]

How a Good MBA Application Personal Statement Example Can Help You Impress Admissions Panelists

When you apply to MBA school, you will probably be asked to submit a personal statement along with your application package. The personal statement is an essay that gives you the chance to introduce yourself to the admissions panelists and hopefully win them over. To impress the admissions committee, though, you will need to have […]

Critique of Top MBA Blog

This blog critique shines the spotlight on Top MBA, a small but multinational company which specializes in creating solutions and aiding post-graduate students from around the world in their search for the best graduate study programs as well as prospective employers. Created for the purpose of linking students to post-graduate universities and MBA programs from […]